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Mrs. Christine Bach

Harry S. Truman High School

(215) 547-3000 extension 2070
[email protected]
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Bristol Township School District will prepare and empower our students to be productive, competitive members in an ever-changing global society.




We believe all individuals can learn and achieve.


We believe understanding and respecting diversity strengthens our educational community.


We believe a safe and healthy learning environment for all is essential for success.


We believe in providing high-quality, standards-based instruction for all students.


We believe an effective partnership of families, staff and community will improve opportunities for student success.


We believe students will be empowered to become life-long learners and effective members of society.


We believe all successes should be acknowledged and celebrated.

Period 1 English 10 Room B23
Google Classroom Code: 43154
Period 2 Gen Science Room A11
Period 3 English 10 Room B23
Google Classroom Code: 24180
Period 4 Office Hours
Google Classroom Code: 79654
Period 5 Lunch
Period 6 Lunch Duty
Period 7 English 10 Room B23
Google Classroom Code: 97347
Period 8 English 10 Room B17
Google Classroom Code: 88442

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