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Physical Education Policies and Procedures

Physical Education Policies & Procedures


  • All students are to remain with the class at all times.
  • Follow directions the first time they are given.
  • NO PASSES OUT OF CLASS. Teacher will determine an emergency
  • Unacceptable behavior (Obscene language, disrespect, vandalism, etc.) will not be tolerated.
  • No food or drinks in gyms or locker rooms.
  • No headphones, electronics, cell phones, or hats as per school policy.
  • Report injuries immediately.
  • Report lost or stolen property.
  • No bookbags/purses in the gym. Everything belongs in the locker room



  • It is mandatory that each student attempt & complete all exercises/activities with effort on a daily basis.
  • Refusing to participate (unprepared) will result in no credit for the day. No make-ups.



  • If you are absent you are required to pick up a current event form in the PE office and complete it to make up the points you missed for the day.


Excusal from Participation

  • Note from parent or guardian must be submitted the day of, or the following school day (good for two days, twice in a session).
  • Doctor’s note is needed for a long term injury or illness. (3 days or more)
  • You will need to complete a make up assignment or you will not receive credit.
  • Chronic “illnesses/excusals” will require a Doctors note.


Unprepared for Class

  • You will lose all points for the day if you are unprepared.
  • If you are removed from the activity for lack of effort/ poor attitude you lose all points for the day.



  • You need to be dressed and SEATED in your squad when the teacher is ready to take roll
  • If you are not in your squad you will be marked absent and then for a class cut if you were in school.
  • Lateness to class will result in a lunch detention


Out of School Suspension

  • You will need to complete a make up assignment or you will not receive credit.


Class Cuts

  • Will result in disciplinary action as per school policy (Saturday school, parent conferences, failing a marking period).



  • Athletic shorts or sweatpants, a t-shirt and sneakers are required.
  • If your Phys Ed clothes are stolen, you will be excused for THAT DAY ONLY (You will not be excused if this were to happen a second time in the same marking period).
  • NO collared shirts, cargo/khaki shorts, booty shorts, “wife beaters”, spaghetti straps or revealing tops.  If we tell you its not acceptable or its inappropriate, then it is, end of discussion!

 Locker Room

  • LOCK UP YOUR STUFF!!!!!!!!!!
  • Combination locks, no key locks
  • Long lockers are only to be used during gym class time.
  • Locks and clothing will be removed from large lockers overnight.
  • Do not “share” lockers
  • Store your PE clothes in your assigned small locker.
  • Key locks are not permitted and will be removed overnight.
  • You may provide your own combination lock or locks can be obtained from the Phys Ed Staff with a $5.00 deposit, refundable upon the return of the lock at the end of the school year.


  • You will receive 10 points on “activity days” you will receive 20 points on “fitness days”
  • If you are not prepared you will not receive any points, if you dress then sit out you will not receive any points, if you are asked to sit out you will not receive any points.
  • You will be tested on the Pacer and Sit-ups and Push-ups at the end of every Marking Period
  • You must pass 60% of the school year to receive credit for the course
  • Each marking period equals 40% and the final is 20%
  • A =  4 pts.        B = 3pts.           C = 2pts.           D = 1pt.            F = 0 pts.
  • A 1.0 average must be obtained to receive credit for this course.
  • You will receive a percentage grade for each of three 15 day sessions, per MP
  •  Final exams will be the Pacer Run.
  • Scoring will be as follows:


  • Male Scoring
  • Female Scoring
  • A – 75
  • A – 57
  • B – 65
  • D – 46
  • C – 50
  • C – 35
  • D – 35
  • D – 20
  • F – Under 35
  • F – Under 20


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