Español 2
Hola, clase.   Nuestro libro es Realidades 2.

 Vamos a aprender sobre las actividades que haces después de la escuela.

Our next theme is hobbies: extracurricular activities like athletic, music, drama and computer.

The first grammatical concept that you will learn is  er verbs and mean to know.

Conocer means to know a person, place or thing well.  It also can mean to meet. 

When using this verb with a person use PERSONAL A or AL.

Conozco a Señora Datis.  I know Mrs. Datis well.
Conocemos Madrid, España. We know Madrid, Spain.

Conocen el arte. They know Art.

Saber means to know a fact or how to. 

When using saber to mean to know a fact use QUE or SI

Sé que la casa es blanca.  I know that the house is white.

¿Sabes si tenemos tarea?  Do you know if we have homework?

When using saber to mean to know how to use an infinitive (hablar, comer, vivir)

Sabemos bailar el tango.  We know how to dance the tango.

Week of December 1st 2014

¿Cuánto tiempo hace que__________?  Use a present tense verb
How long have__________?

¿Cuánto tiempo hace que conoces a tu mejor amigo? 
How long have you known your best friend?

Hace__________que__________.  It has been__________that__________.
use time period and the present tense verb

Hace 5 años que conozco a mi mejor amiga.
I have known my best friend for 5 years.