Nurse & Health Office
Welcome to the Truman Health Office!

Kelly Ann McNeil - 267-599-2171
Certified School Nurse 

Deanna Johnson - 267-599-2172
Staff Nurse

Our fax number is 267-599-2196

Our email addresses are:
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General Information:

Our office is open daily from 8:15am to 1:30pm

Blue 8.5 x 11" emergency cards were sent out in September.  If your student did not receive one, please notify our office and we will provide one to you.  Emergency cards help give us important information regarding your student's medical history, allergies, and emergency contact information so we can reach you in the event of an emergency.  The reverse side also gives you the ability to give permission to treat your student and administer certain over the counter medications to support your student during the school day. 

If your student has a change in their health status, please contact 267-599-2171 so we can discuss.

Medication Dispensing:

Medication dispensing forms are available in the health office for students with asthma, allergies, and other conditions that require medications not listed on the blue emergency card.  Please contact 267-599-2171 and we will provide a form for your student. 

K - 12:

Pennsylvania requires all school-aged children receive screening services for height, weight, vision, and hearing during the school year.  If your student failed a screening, you will receive a written notice via mail.  If you have any questions once you receive this notice, please call 267-599-2171 and we are happy to discuss your student's results and formulate a plan to best support your student.

11th Grade:

Pennsylvania requires all students entering into 11th grade to have a health physical.  If you do not submit a physical, our school physician will provide a physical for 11th grade students.  If you need a physical form, please contact 267-599-2171 and one will be provided to you. 

12th Grade:

Pennsylvania requires all students entering into 12th grade to receive a second dose of MCV4.  The second dose can be administered prior to 12th grade, however, it must be given after the student's 16th birthday.