Rx Take Back

Posted on 10/08/2020
Rx Take Back

Dear Community Partner:

As you know, prescription medications - when taken for non-medical use - can increase risks of dependency. It is critical that we focus on preventive measures to help combat the rising number of people using opioids for non-medical or recreational use. Safe medication storage and disposal are essential in helping to protect our children and young people from becoming accidentally exposed to potentially dangerous medications and decreasing the risk of diversion.

Bucks County Drug & Alcohol Commission, Inc. (BCDAC, Inc.), along with law enforcement, agencies, and community coalitions, partner biannually to host medication collections. On October 24 from 10 am – 2 pm, there will be 46 public Drive up & Drop in Take Back Collections Sites throughout Bucks County.

New to the program: police officers will be collecting vaping products for disposal at all 46 hosting sites and in collections boxes located in local police departments. As with all medications, vaping cartridges, pods, and e-cigarettes should be disposed of safely. We need your to help promote an important message to parents/caregivers and families in Bucks County. Here is how you can help.

Please help us promote Take Back Collections by:

  •   Using Recommended Social Media Posts for Fall 2020 Take Back Day (included in packet)

  •   Posting the locations flyer in your business, organization, agency, hospital, etc. and sending

    through distribution lists

  •   Displaying materials and linking to www.bcdac.org on your social media channels and website

    We believe that by promoting messages of safe storage/safe disposal of prescriptions, over-the- counter medications and vaping products, we can reduce the number of accidental exposures, youth rates of prescription drug recreational use and overdose deaths in Bucks County.

    Bucks County Drug & Alcohol Commission, Inc.


Social Media Posts for October 24, 2020, Take Back Bucks County Medication Collection Project

Please feel free to use the social media posts below – and the graphics attached to the email – to share the important message of safe medication storage!

1. This year’s Take Back Day is going to look a bit different, but rest assured, in addition to safety precautions, all sites* will be accepting medications via a drive up and drop in system. Here’s what to do:

Find the site nearest you
Bring prescription medications, vaping products, over-the-counter and pet medications for safe disposal
As you approach the drop off site, stay in your vehicle. Maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and other vehicles in line
Stay alert for pedestrians in the area
Follow the directions of police or volunteers at the site
Pull up to the drop off location, place your meds into the box
Drive away at a safe speed knowing that you have helped!

#BucksCoTakeBack2020 #RxTakeBackDay2020 #driveupdropin

2. Safely dispose of unwanted, unused, or expired medications on Saturday, October 24 from 10 am – 2 pm! Visit one of the 46 sites located in Bucks County. #BucksCoTakeBack2020 #RxTakeBackDay2020 #driveupdropin

3. According to the 2019 Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PAYS), 42.9% of Bucks County students responded “took them from a family member living in my home” as their most frequent source/method of obtaining the prescription drugs they used without a doctor’s prescription. Remove unused, unwanted, or expired medications safely and easily on Saturday, October 24 from 10 am – 2 pm! #keepkidssafe #BucksCoTakeBack2020 #RxTakeBackDay2020 #driveupdropin

4. Over 50% of people who abuse prescription pain relievers get them from friends or relatives. Care enough not to share. Remove and safely dispose of unused, unwanted or expired medications on Saturday, October 24 from 10 am – 2 pm. #keepkidssafe #PAStop #BucksCoTakeBack2020 #RxTakeBackDay2020 #driveupdropin

5. Prescription and over-the-counter drugs are the most commonly misused substances by Americans 14 and older, after marijuana and alcohol. Safely dispose of your medications on Saturday, October 24 from 10 am – 2 pm at one of 46 sites located in Bucks County. #keepkidssafe #BucksCoTakeBack2020 #RxTakeBackDay2020 #driveupdropin


6. Some items commonly accepted at permanent medication collection boxes include: prescription and over-the-counter medications, tablets, capsules, patches, creams, vitamins, pet medications, ointments, and inhalers. Visit one of the collection sites located in Bucks County to safely dispose unwanted, unused, or expired meds. #BucksCoTakeBack2020 #RxTakeBackDay2020 #driveupdropin

7. Remember to remove any personal information from bottles before safely disposing them on Saturday, October 24! #BucksCoTakeBack2020 #RxTakeBackDay2020 #driveupdropin

8. Drive up and drop in your unneeded or unwanted medications at one of 46 sites on Saturday, October 24 from 10 am – 2 pm! Bring your pet meds too! #BucksCoTakeBack2020 #RxTakeBackDay2020 #driveupdropin

9. Don’t forget, police are conducting drive up and drop in collection of unused, unneeded, or expired prescriptions, over-the-counter and pet medications on Saturday, October 24 from 10 am – 2 pm. Visit bcdac.org to find a collection site nearest to you. #BucksCoTakeBack2020 #RxTakeBackDay2020 #driveupdropin

10. Now is a great time to clean out your medicine cabinet for safe disposal of unused, unneeded, or expired medications on October 24 from 10 am – 2 pm! #BucksCoTakeBack2020 #RxTakeBackDay2020 #driveupdropin

11. Bring all your unneeded medications – including pet meds and vape products – to one of Bucks County Take Back Collection sites on Saturday, October 24 from 10 am – 2 pm! #BucksCoTakeBack2020 #RxTakeBackDay2020 #driveupdropin

12. Using vaping devices may help some people stop smoking, but data shows those who vape are 4x as likely to begin smoking traditional cigarettes as those who don’t vape. Bring vaping products for safe disposal to one of 46 drop off sites near you on Saturday, October 24 from 10 am – 2 pm. Visit bcdac.org to find a collection site nearest to you! #BucksCoTakeBack2020 #RxTakeBackDay2020 #driveupdropin

13. Today is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day! Click the link below to find a drop-off location near you. #BucksCoTakeBack2020 #RxTakeBackDay2020 #driveupdropin

Link to: https://www.bcdac.org/prevention/medication_collection_program/index.php

14. Did you miss Take Back Day? You may still safely dispose of your medications at one of the collection boxes located in Bucks County Police Departments. Find a collection box near you:https://www.bcdac.org/prevention/medication_collection_program/permanent_drop_box_locations.php #BucksCoTakeBack2020 #RxTakeBackDay2020 #driveupdropin

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