Summer Assignment_Civil Engineering/Architecture






Welcome to the CEA course:

I hope you are looking forward to learning about how are roads, bridges, houses and buildings are designed and constructed. In order for you to be prepared for the rigors of this course it is extremely important that we complete an assignment during the summer.  This work will count 350 points toward the first marking period of the school year.  There will not be any make-up work should you fail to complete any of the work.   The assignments consist of Activity Calculating Drainage, 3.2.2 Loads Calculations (Tables are included for this assignment), download Autodesk Revit 2017 Free program for students and complete tutorials.  You will begin the assignments by taking notes on the three sets of power Point copies that are attached to each activity.   The notes will be written in the engineer’s notebook that I will provide you.  All notes should be through and in upper case print, as detailed in the engineering notation standard.  This work may be a bit challenging; however, it is an important part of our course.  Prior to returning to school, you must email me progress of your work. You can take pictures of your work and send them to me.

If you should have any questions, please contact me.

Mr. Di Liegro (D) (267) 467-2121