Anime Club

Anime Club
Hello, and welcome to Truman's Anime Club.
Anime Club is a club for those students who have an interest in Anime.  Anime is a style of animated television and film created and popularized in Japan.

The Next Club Meeting Will Be on Thursday, December 13

Sorry that I forgot to update this over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

At the last meeting, we hung out and watched the first six episodes of Junji Ito.  You can watch the first six episodes if you would like, but the episodes are not really connected to one another.  They each introduce a new set of characters and tell an independent story.  It is like Black Mirror or The Twilight Zone in that way.  The plots are also a bit odd, so it is like those other shows in that way too.
The meetings have been awesome so far, and I hope all the students feel the same way.  I always want Anime Club to be welcoming and inviting.  Even if you did not attend any meetings yet, you are welcome to join us at the next one.

We will soon start to discuss our plan for going to Zenkaikon toward the end of March.  I have sent out a few requests for information, so I will update everyone next week, assuming I get some information returned to me by then.  I assume I will.

General Information about Anime Club Meetings
As always, the meeting will last until about 5:20, which will allow students to get down to the 5:30 late bus, which leaves promptly at 5:30.  If you need to leave before then, you are certainly welcome to do so.  However, you will need to find your own transportation if you leave before the late buses.

There is a slight change in routine this year.  Since we have become more official this year, Anime Club members need to first sign in with the teachers in the cafeteria.  I will be down there to help with this change.  They just want us to sign in so that they know we are really having an Anime Club.  We will collect there and then head down to B-23 for our normal celebration of Animes.

Feel free to bring snacks and beverages, as it is a long time between 2:30 and 5:30.  I'll supply some soft pretzels to help you make it to 5:30, as is tradition at this point.  Obviously, it is important to handle all food and beverages in a responsible manner.

If there are any questions or comments, feel free to email me or stop in B-23 and ask for Mr. Black.

 In Anime Club, we meet once a week after school to watch and discuss Animes.  During the year we will check out some series and films, and we try to watch Animes that are less mainstream.  We don't want to watch something that everyone has already watched.  That's because one of the goals of Anime Club to help members discover new Animes.  Anime Club also went on its first field trip last year to Zenkaikon, an Anime Convention held each year in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Our goal is to return to the convention in March of 2019.  We will discuss all the details about that as the convention nears.

Anime Club meets every Thursday after school in Room B-23 starting in early October.  The Club meets until about 5:20 pm, and students are encouraged to take the 5:30 Late Buses home from Truman.  Members are allowed to leave before then, but they will need their own transportation home.

The club is sponsored by Mr. Black, who also serves as one of the tenth grade English teachers.  Please feel free to email Mr. Black with any questions or comments at