Hello My Name Is...

Mr. Black

I teach Tenth Grade English to Truman's coolest sophomores.  In several classes, I teach alongside the talented and caring Mrs. Bach.
I also teach Journalism to Truman's coolest reporters.

This web page does not have much information on it, but you can check out all kinds of useful information for class at my other web site:

An Incredibly Useful Web Site
At the web site, you can check out important dates on the calendar, keep up with recent happenings in the blog section, and find important documents, including notes, worksheets, and stories.
Mrs. Bach's students will definitely find this web site helpful as well.

Email me at

Students and parents can monitor grades at
For our class, this can be used to determine what is owed, what is upcoming, and what we have covered in our awesome English class lately.

If you need to email Mrs. Bach, please email her at