Student Abilities

 Eight interconnected abilities every student must necessarily acquire to lead a healthy life.

  • These abilities actually measure the success in different parameters.
  • These skills go hand in hand with academic and behavioral success



A child should necessarily possess this ability. It is curiosity that helps the student to learn deeper, and come up with various questions that furthers their learning. Engagement, critical thinking as well as reasoning is a result of curiosity. As a teacher you should necessarily nurture curiosity. There are kids who are naturally curious, try encouraging them. If they are not, encourage the students to identify questions, seek answers and prod them to the real depth. If they strive hard to find an answer, appreciate their efforts. It is an ability that helps the kids learn better.


Engaging with others, kids and elders, should be inculcated among the kids. It is this cooperative and engaging ability that will help the kids further. Using the social-emotional skills that these kids possess, children should be allowed to express their thoughts and emotions to others as and how they understand best. Active listening, and effective communication are two things that will lead to positive sociability. Building relationships is essential for kids, and choicest of words will help them build it positively. Teachers should nurture them so that they don’t carry out an impulsive behavior or tone.


The power to effectively overcome challenge should be present in every kid. The power of resilience helps the child maintain well-being and good attitude. Persistence and initiative skills are prompted using resilience. Push the kids to the edge; do so gently, so that they gain the ability of persistence. The kids should be able to take sufficient risks, overcome challenges and grow for the better.


Being aware of the self is an important ability that will help these kids in the long run. Self- reflection, and core beliefs as well as attitude will help realize this ability. Introspection should become an attitude to keep improving the self. It is important to help the kids to keep a tab on their intellectual and emotional self that will help them transform as a human.



Acting in sync with one’s core beliefs and values or principles is very important and every child should be nurtured into using this ability to the fullest. Courage, honesty and undeniable courage along with daily interactions will help drive in integrity. Treat the kids with respect and dignity so that they understand the meaning and inculcate the same in their attitude and lives. Praise them for demonstrating integrity in their life.


This is an attitude that should be honored and displayed by kids of all age; in fact even adults should possess this attitude. Children should be able to collect resources on their own, in fact they should know which resources would come to use, whenever they are faced with a problem or challenge. Set a good goal, and set up higher expectations so that they can prove their resourcefulness and come up with solutions. It is when you make them self-reliant, that they will challenge their own abilities and come up with interesting solutions.


Surviving without this ability is slightly difficult in this age and time. You need to come up with creative solutions to get creativity in your kids. Foster imagination and sense of aesthetics in your kids which will help them come up with innovative solutions for problems. Make them participate in the arts, allow them to use their creative side in whatever form they want to devise the ability of creativity.


This is the strongest ability, one that every single child should possess. It helps them when they grow into adults. The need to recognize, feel and respond to the emotions of others is very important. The caring and compassionate attitude is very necessary among kids of all ages. Try nurturing this ability at the early stages using different activities.